Joao Martins

Joao Martins is a multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY. He has toured Brazil, Europe, the US, and Asia, and performs regularly in New York City with his quartet and with other artists. He is an accompanist at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and is a faculty member of the piano department at Turtle Bay Music School.

The Joao Martins Quartet performs original compositions by its leader, as well as arrangements of songs by other artists. Performances by the Joao Martins Quartet are inspired by Brazilian rhythms, by contemporary jazz, and by orchestral writing.

Joao Martins has released two albums as a leader to overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Fenther - “A new jazz record and a perfect album. 7 out of 7.”

Via Nocturna - “Ides of March is a record that is diverse, well-balanced, with rich piano textures, and is very engaging.”

Bran Morrighan - “Made me smile and feel all proud.”

Fenther - “Jazz in its purest form coming directly from Brooklyn, NY warrants your full attention. It deserves our fullest admiration.”

A Trompa - “It’s jazz I’m talking about; and it’s good!”